Our Approach

Sagene is developing proprietary combinations of FDA-approved drugs to enhance efficacy and/or safety of currently approved treatments. Compared to traditional drug development, which is estimated to cost approximately $1.0 billion to bring a drug to market, Sagene’s combination approach results in significant timesaving, decreased costs and improved success rates.

By using already approved drugs, Sagene is pursuing 505(b)(2) expedited approval for its development program allowing it to leverage previous research and development data including pharmacology, formulation, dosing and potential toxicity, for drugs already tested in humans.

Additionally, current treatments for Sagene’s target indications (erectile dysfunction, pulmonary arterial hypertension, pain/inflammation and cardiovascular diseases) only target single disease causing pathways. Such drug therapies targeting a specific disease pathways, often result in poor response rates and lower effectiveness over time. Through the use of combination treatments, Sagene believes it will be able to target multiple disease causing pathways for improved efficacy.